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  4. Time for a little #expansiveness. One in a series of Om Chakra prints… #Om #Anahata #Chakra #Print #Heart #Chakra Etsy.com/shop/TheBeautifulLife. Bit.ly/OmAnahataPrint


  5. Bit.ly/Yoga4Hope-LargeMessenger

    The mandala featured on this series of bags (and bandana) was designed exclusively for Yoga4Hope in Windsor, Ontario, an annual fundraising initiative to raise funds PajamaAngels.org. PajamaAngels.org is a not for profit grass roots charity creating awareness, action & advocacy for all cancers & chronic diseases through integrative health initiatives. $25 CAD from the sale of each bag benefits PajamaAngels.org. 


  6. B&W mandala bandana for Yoga4Hope


    The mandala featured on the bandanas/headbands in this limited edition collection was designed exclusively for Yoga 4 Hope in Windsor, Ontario, an annual fundraising initiative to raise funds PajamaAngels.org. 

    PajamaAngels.org is a not for profit grass roots charity creating awareness, action & advocacy for all cancers & chronic diseases through integrative health initiatives. 25% of the sale of each bandana benefits PajamaAngels.org. 

    This mandala is a digital reconstruction of a single photograph of a white anemone blossom from my garden taken in December 2012. When I offered to create a mandala for this years event I noticed the theme was monochromatic. I immediately thought of the the single remarkable, unlikely, exquisite white anemone blossom almost hidden at dusk in light snow and garden debris. A bit of grace in a seemingly inhospitable place and it was absolutely glowing. It seemed like the perfect image. 


  7. #Temple #Elephant #Sanctuary #Mandala #Encaustic #Art #MixedMedia


    Encaustic is an ancient technique of applying beeswax to various substrates. This gorgeous tactile medium lends a luminous texture, depth, and lustre to my images. 

    This image is from a photograph of an Asian elephant taken in Thailand 1997. In the original image she is standing in front of a fence surrounded by concrete. She was not decorated, the mandala was added during the creation of this image. The mandala represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In dreams it represents the search for completeness and unity. 

    Just as the photograph functions as the palette in my work, varying substrates can greatly change the mood and timbre of my images. 

    Encaustic (wax) is one of my favourite mediums. It is an ethereal, dreamy, luminous, textured, tactile and organic piece of art. It is also an incredibly versatile medium used by painters, by mixed-media artists and photographers. 

    The process I used to create this piece involved adhering the image to a firm substrate (can be wood, artist’s board or small canvases) in this case I chose a 5x7” stretched cotton canvas. The wax was painted over the image as it would be in encaustic photography. 

    When working with existing images I apply several layers of wax, fusing the layers and building texture as i go. Ultimately the heat also allows me to determine where and how much detail i wish to allow the wax to reveal. The surface of my work is at times and by design, heavily textured. I brush, burnish, carve, smooth, burn or scrape the surface to increase or decrease texture. Sometimes i use a combination of both filtered and unfiltered beeswax resulting in some gentle colour variegation in the hues of the wax. The wax contains organic debris from the bees, it is always there on some level, often imperceptible but occasionally it is visible. Also, in my opinion, adding to the organic quality of the work. 

    As a result of the repeated heating and cooling of the surface during the encaustic process, the wax can in time release what is know as a bloom. For some this is an undesirable effect, but it is one of the things i adore about the medium. It is a gentle veil, adding to the mysterious beauty of the technique. the wax can be buffed (with a very soft cloth) to a shine, but the surface eventually returns to a it’s matte finish.

    50% of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will go to #ForTheLoveOfElephants, an organization dedicated to create a sanctuary for temple elephants in India. Additional pieces can be made and due to the changeable nature of the wax, each piece is completely unique.

    I have attempted to capture the exquisite quality and the texture of the surface of the wax for the gallery here, if you haven’t seen this type of work in person, it will give you a very basic idea. 

    Though this is a unique piece, it is one in a limited series. Each image is mounted on a substrate and worked with wax creating a one-of-a-kind piece, though the photograph embedded may be the same, no two wax encaustic pieces are identical. 

    If you have any questions or comments about this work, I would love to hear from you!


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  9. Tinyurl.com/YogaTote-R2

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    Dang red is so hard to photograph! But it’s worth the trouble. Love the Muladhara.


  10. I’m really happy with this one! #Chakra #Mandala #Wearable #Art #Headband, #Bandana #Anahata #Chakra, #Heart Chakra #Yoga #Boho #Hippie #Festival #Fashion




  12. One of the new B&W series… Tinyurl.com/B-W-Mandala-CB1


  13. oh divine cafe latte and delicious cheese danish <3 @saluteespressobar


  14. One of my latest creations… :)

    #Crown #Chakra #Mandala #Art#Handbag #Sahasrara #Boho #Hippie#FestivalSeason #Festival #Fashion#Bag #CrossBody #Tote 

    Can also be MadeToOrder as a cross body or tote.



  15. Tinyurl.com/YogaTote-H3     if you’re so inclined :) 

    Yoga tote. Anahata.

    #Heart #Chakra #Mandala#Art #Yoga #Tote #Boho#FlowerOfLife #Hippie #Anahata#Zen #Reiki #Festival